CAMBRIDGE FESTIVAL of IDEAS. Of Memories, Mental Time Travel and The Moustachio Quartet~ featuring La Jetée (1962)

Pre-Booking available for this showing of Chris Marker’s 1962 film, ‘La Jetee’ followed by a short talk and discussion of the themes involved with reference to similar ideas expressed in Clive Wilkins’ novels ‘The Moustachio Quartet’. This presentation takes place as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

The evening is jointly presented by  Prof.Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins.

There will be a book signing of The Moustachio Quartet following this presentation. The books will be available for purchase on the evening and are also available from  WIND on the WIRE Publishing at the discounted publishers price~ or

Saturday 31st October 2015 6.30pm Anglia Ruskin University. East Road. CB1 1PT.
La Jetee La jetée (1962) La jetée (1962)

Memories are not only about the past, they also affect the future. The lecture includes a full screening followed by a discussion of the film ‘La Jetee’ with further readings taken from ‘The Moustachio Quartet’. Both works explore the shifting nature of memory and our assumptions of how time unfolds.Clive WILKINS Moustachio Quartet

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