Past Events

~P R E V I O U S   T A L K S


28th January 2022. 7pm. Magic Mind. Paloma College, California.

29th November – 3rd December 2021. Gutenberg International Conference Centre, Mainz, Germany.  Becoming Social. A paleoethological perspective on modern human behaviour. A physical workshop involving dance.

19th November 2021.  International Congress~ Mind and Philosophy at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. 18th-20th November 2021. Keynote address by The Captured Thought ‘What magic effects reveal about the philosophy of the mind’.

10th August – 27th September 2021. The CCISTC Korean lecture series

20th July 2021.  Sreda Obucheniya School, Moscow.  Established in 2003 by the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. Memory and Mental Time Travel. 5.00-6.30pm.

3rd June 2021. Oxford Science Society. 6.30pm. Why the Mind is Tricked redux.

25th April 2021. SOMA Conference Day. The Captured Thought presents The Ornithology of Magic~ the discrepancy of wings versus hands.

8th March 2021. ICE lecture, Madingley. Integrating language memory & perception.

Feb 24th – May 4th 2021 CCISTC Psychology and Social Sciences programme.

4th February 2021. Oxford Science Society. 6.30pm. Why the Mind is Tricked.

3rd December 2020. Litchfield Science and Engineering Society. The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions~ Why the Mind is Tricked. 8.00pm. Garrick Theatre, Litchfield.

30th November 2020 ~ 11th March 2021. CCISTC Humanities programme

25th November 2020. 3pm. Gutenberg International Conference Centre, Mainz, Germany. Biology of Dance Digital Meeting

5th November 2020. 12-1pm. CUDC lecture. Magic Mind

4th November 2020. 12-1pm CUDC and Maxer English Literature courses. English literature and writing~ The Moustachio Quartet~ Textual cultures with author Clive Wilkins and Professor Nicola Clayton.

 3rd November 2020. 12-1pm CUDC and Maxer English Literature courses. English literature and writing~ The Moustachio Quartet~ editorial theory and practice with author Clive Wilkins and Professor Nicola Clayton.

 2nd November 2020. 12-1pm CUDC and Maxer English Literature courses. English literature and writing~ The Moustachio Quartet with author Clive Wilkins and Professor Nicola Clayton.

28th October 2020. 9am – 2.00pm  Mexico time. 3pm-8pm UK time. Zoom presentation at the Centro Tlaxcala de Biologia de la Conducta, Unversidad Automoma de Tlaxcala, Mexico. Behaviour Symposium. “Conflict: Current validity and relevance of the four Tinbergen questions’ The Development and Evolution of Cognitive Illusions

24th October 2020. Sci-Foo Camp. Teams meeting  weekend. Googleplex, Mountain View, California. The Captured Thought presents Magic Mind.

15th September-10th November 2020. The Humanities Internship Programme. CCISTC

13th August- 2nd October  2020. The Psychology and Arts Internship programme, CCISTC

The following events in grey have been postponed due to Coronavirus

20th April 2020. The Cambridge Memory Meeting. Lucy Cavendish College. Woodleigh Room. Plus formal dinner.

14th-20th June 2020. The Royal Society in conjunction with Israel Academy of Sciences. Memory and Perception. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

27th June 2020. The Psychology of Magic. Clare College Gala Day, Cambridge.U.K.

8th July 2020. The Royal Society Summer Science Soiree. 6pm. The Royal Society, London.

7th-12th September 2020.  China Tour. Memory, Movement & Magic.

9th-12th November 2020. Department of Comparative Biocognition. Institute of Cognitive Science.  University of Osnabrück, Germany. Listening for Leaders and Followers.

22nd June 2020. The Clare College Gala Day Talk. ‘Magic in an English Country Garden’, delivered on Zoom.

14th March 2020. Cambridge Science Festival. Nicky and Clive Live~ What we learn by integrating art, science and the performing arts. An impromptu, interactive talk with questions from the audience.

9th March 2020.  Institute of Continuing Education. Madingley, Cambridgeshire. Cognitive Psychology. Memory Language and Perception.

10th January-20th February 2020. China UK Development Centre and Maxer Educational Institute. Winter Programme. (Various dates; timetable to be announced)

5th-12th January 2019. Berlin University of the Arts, Carnival. Berlin, Germany. Creativity in Nature and in Nurture. A public lecture  and series of inspiring, interactive workshops on perception, memory and the roadblocks in human cognition.

11th-18th December 2019. National Brain Research Centre, New Delhi, Foundation Day and The Captured Thought India Tour. India.

2nd December 2019. Max Planck Institute. Munich, Germany. Munich Neuroscience Lecture Series. The Seven Myths of Memory.

29th November 2019. Royal Society Anniversary Day, London, United Kingdom.

19th November 2019. TEDx Cambridge. Mind Tricks~ The Road Blocks in Cognition.

20th October- 5th November 2019. China UK Development Centre and Maxer Educational Institute, China Tour and Summit in Jiangning. (The Captured Thought will lecture on ‘art, culture and science’ at the summit and visit and lecture at universities in Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Sushou.

10th-12th September 2019. British Science Association. University of Warwick. U.K. Magic Mind~The blind spots and boundaries of logic~ as revealed by the art and science of magic.

21st August 2019. 11.00 12.30. The Sutton Trust. University of Cambridge. U.K. The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions.

17th August 2019.  Britain-China Cultural Communication Centre.12.00-13.30. Movement and Memory. University of Cambridge.

14th August 2019. Oxford Royal Academy. Oxford University. U.K. The Psychology of Magic.

12th August- 28th August 2019. Cambridge International Education and Culture Centre. Summer Programme.

11th July-20th August 2019. China UK Development Centre and Maxer Educational Institute. Summer Programme.

25th July 2019. Oxford Royal Academy. Oxford University. U.K. The Seven Myths of Memory.

18th July 2019. The University of Chicago U.S.A. Tricks of the Mind.

14th-16th July 2019. SOMA~ The Science of Magic Association. Chicago, U.S.A. The Captured Thought presents What Corvid cognition reveals about magic.

4th-5th July 2019. China UK Development Centre Summit. St. John’s College, Cambridge. U.K.

4th July 2019. The Royal Society Soiree. London. U.K. Black Tie. 19.00. Carriages at 22.00.

19th-27th June 2019. Nanjing Tech Summit Forum. Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

12th-14th June 2019. The Brain, Body and Behaviour Symposium.University of Dundee, Scotland. U.K. The dancer remembers~ the choreography of mind and body.

14th May 2019. Emmanuel College Cambridge. U.K. Robert Gardner Room. Remembering from the Inside: a multi-disciplinary workshop and evening dinner.

22nd April 2019. China UK Development Centre. CUDC Leadership Workshops. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

26th-28th March 2019. The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions. Symposium on Cognition, University of Vienna.

25th March 2019. Language Memory and Perception~ a one day workshop. Institute of Continuing Education. Cambridge University.

14th March 2019. Cambridge Science Festival. The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions. Lucy Cavendish College. Followed by Formal Hall with the Master of the college.

7th-9th March 2019. International Convention of Psychological Science. Paris, France. Thinking without Words.

13th February 2019. The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions~ Why the mind is tricked. Cursor Cinema, Goldsmiths. 4-5.30pm.

February 2019. China UK Development Centre and Maxer Educational Institute. Winter Programme. (Various dates; timetable to be announced)

6th February 2019. Mark Baldwin~ ‘The Dancer Remembers’ an exhibition of art. Bermondsey New Project Space. The Captured Thought presents ‘Tango as Memory’ 18.00- 21.00.

12th- 31st January 2019. The Captured Thought New Zealand Tour. University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Otago, Dunedin.

20th December 2018. Site Gallery Sheffield.  Perception, Memory and Magic. 19.00-22.00.

7th December- 19th December 2018. ‘The Captured Thought CUDC China Lecture Tour’~ to include major cities and universities across China.

6th December 2018. The Royal Society. Collections by Candlelight.

30th November 2018. The Royal Society Anniversary Day.

14th November 2018. CSaP (Centre for Science and Policy) Horn Fellowship Programme. Good and bad decision-making. In collaboration with The Captured Thought and the Cambridge Judge Business School. Knox Shaw Room, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

23rd-25th October 2018.  Dept. of Psychology, Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, Salzburg University, Austria. The Psychology of Magic.

23rd-27th September 2018. Post Graduate student Conference in Schramberg, University of Tuebingen, Germany.

13th August- 23rd August 2018. Cambridge International Education and Cultural Centre. Summer Lectures.

9th July-25th August 2018. CUDC/ Maxer Education Institute. Summer Lectures.

15th August 2018. Sutton Trust. 9-10am. Seven Myths of Memory.

24th July 2018. Judge Business School, Cambridge University Hong Kong Workshop. 2-5.150pm. Psychological Structures within Leadership.

19th July 2018. The Royal Society Open House.

4th July 2018. The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

27th June 2018. Sheffield Site Gallery. An Exploration of Memory, in conjunction with Leila Johnston digital arts curator.

13th June 2018. Festival of Ideas, Edge Hill University, Liverpool. Arts Equal. Embodied Cognition~ Explorations through Tango.

9th June 2018. Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre. The Women’s Leadership Conference. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. 4.15-5.45pm. Listening for Leaders and Followers.

28th May 2018. Hay Festival 2018. Clive Wilkins in conversation with Nicky Clayton. The Moustachio Quartet~ an exploration of memory.

31st March- 16th April 2018. In association with the China UK Development Centre and the Universities of Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenyang and Shanghai, China. The Captured Thought travels to the Orient.

26th March 2018. Madingley Institute of Continuing Education Lecture. Memory, Perception and Language. 4-5.30pm.  Followed by course dinner.

23rd March 2018. Cambridge Rising Women’s Leader Programme. Judge Business School. University of Cambridge. Listening for Leaders and Followers.

21st March 2018. China UK Global Education Summit. St. John’s College, Cambridge and China UK Development Centre.

17th March 2018. Cambridge Science Festival. The City as Metaphor.

16th March 2018. Lillian Baylis Arts Club. Sadler’s Wells. Conversations without Words. 2pm.

14th March 2018. Cambridge Science Festival. Sensors, Sensing, Senses, Sensitive~ What is Conversation?~ An interactive performance by The Captured Thought. 5-6.30pm, Latimer Room, Clare College, Cambridge.

7th-8th March 2018. Durham University Post-Doctoral Conference.

24th February 2018. The Human Sciences Conference. Magdalene Auditorium, Oxford. Memories are made with the future in Mind.

13th February 2018. An Exploration of Consciousness. Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, with Suki Chan.

12th February 2018. Tango workshop~ to include an exploration of physical and mental memory. Bedford University. 14.00-16.00.

10th February 2018. Magdalene College Festival of Change, Cambridge. All about Change~ Memories are made for the Future.

6th-7th February 2018. Dancin’ Oxford. The Captured Thought will present ‘What is Dance without an Audience? An investigation beyond language and the complexity of our social interaction to explore patterns of thought from tango to magic.

24th January-9th February 2018. China UK Development Centre and Maxer Educational Institute. Winter Programme.

11th January 2018. ‘London talks at Night’.  LDN Talks. Science of Memory and other Mind Tricks. An evening TedX style talk. Cafe 1001, Brick Lane E1 6QL London.

12th December 2017. London Mathematical Laboratory in conjunction with The Barbican. Science on Screen. Memories are made for the Future. To include a screening of Chris Marker’s ‘La Jetée’ and Jean Cocteau’s ‘The Blood of a Poet’.

1st-12th December 2017. Cambridge International Education & Cultural Centre. The Captured Thought China Tour. Hong Kong and Hubei Universities.

30th November 2017. Royal Society Anniversary Day.

11th November 2017.The Myths and Mechanics of Memory. Institute of Continuing Education. Madingley, Cambridgeshire. A one day workshop.

17th October 2017.  Centre for Music and Science. University of Cambridge. The Seven Myths of Memory.

20th-23rd September 2017. The Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy. ACAT-ICATA International Conference, Nottingham, England. Keynote address from The Captured Thought. Reformulation and Memory~ The stories we tell in reconstructing the past.

31st August- 1st September 2017. The Science of Magic. Goldsmiths College, London.

23rd July-20th August 2017. The China UK Development Centre and Maxer Education Institute. A series of bi-weekly summer seminars on memory and perception from The Captured Thought. Westminster College, Clare Hall, St John’s College and Sidney Sussex College Cambridge.

7th-23rd August 2017.  Cambridge International Education and Culture Centre.A series of six lectures and workshops exploring cognition, creativity and communication. To be held at Sidney Sussex and other Cambridge colleges.

16th August 2017. The Sutton Trust. Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge. Lecture and discussion.  10-11.30 am. ‘The Nature of Perception’.

29th-30th July 2017. The Ancestor’s Trail. Gloucestershire, England. The Captured Thought lecture~ Where science, art and movement meet.

8th July-19th July 2017. Australian Learning Group, ALG, Mid Year Conference 2017. The Carrington, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia. The Captured Thought appear as plenary invited speakers.15th-17th June 2017. Institute of Neuroscience, Alicante, Spain. Memory as the product of Forethought.

9th July 2017. The Mind of the Universe- a journey along the frontiers of knowledge. Presented by Robert Dijkgraaf (director) and Leon Levy (Professor at The Institute for the Advanced Study in Princeton). The Thinker- a television programme on Dutch Television. Free to download under Creative Commons Licence. Featuring Prof. Nicky Clayton and The Captured Thought.

5th July 2017. Royal Society Soirée.

8th June 2017. Julie’s Bicycle. Sustaining Creativity. Somerset House. London. The Captured Thought Lecture~ Memories are made for the Future.

24th May-3rd June 2017. Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behaviour. Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Conversations without Words~ University of California Los Angeles, U.S.A. Memories are made for the Future.

18th May 2017. Creative Reactions Sci-Art Exhibition with an evening of music, dance theatre, beer and plenty of surprises. Annual Pint of Science Event.  St. Pauls Church, Cambridge. 6-10pm.

2nd May 2017. BBC at The Science Museum. London. Heralding a new initiative to promote science, education and culture. With Tony Hall, Ian Blatchford and Brian Cox.

20th April 2017. Peterhouse College Cambridge. The Post Docs of Cambridge Society.  The Crossing the Barriers lecture series. Interdisciplinary lecture and performance at 17.00, followed by formal hall. Observations from the Edge of Beauty~ an arts science collaboration

17th April 2017. The Dilettante Society, Cambridge. The Captured Thought Lecture~ Memory and Perception.

24th March 2017. Institute of Continuing Education (ICE). Perception, Memory and Language. A day course for the Undergraduate Certificate in Cognitive Psychology. Madingley Hall, Cambridge. Formal evening dinner.

17th March 2017. Zangwill Lecture. 3.00 Afternoon. 4.30 Lecture. 7.30 Dinner. Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge.  Observations from the Edge of Beauty.

8th March 2017. 10am. Annual Lecture. University of Dundee. PhDs in Life Sciences Committee. An Arts/Science Collaboration~ Where the Sciences meet the Arts.

11th March 2017. CUDC and Maxer Annual Reunion Dinner. Westminster College, Cambridge.

2nd-9th February 2017.  Michigan State University. U.S.A. Cognitive Science. ‘Memory as the Product of Forethought’. Distinguished Speaker Series.

Saturday 21st January9.30-11.30 The Creative Navigator’s Compass. The Healey Room, Westminster College: Sunday 12th February 9.30-11.30 The Creative Navigator’s Compass. The Senatus Room, Westminster College.  Sunday 12th February 14.00- 16.00 The Process of Repair. The Woodleigh Room, Lucy Cavendish College.  Sunday 12th February. 19.00-21.00 The Myth of Memory. The Woodleigh Room, Lucy Cavendish College. Monday 13th February 14.00-16.00 The Creative Navigator’s Compass. The Wolfson Room,  Lucy Cavendish College.  Tuesday 14th February 19.00-21.00 The Myth of Memory. The Woodleigh Room, Lucy Cavendish College.  Wednesday 15th February (Formal Dinner) 19.00-23.00. 2017.  The China UK Development Centre and Maxer Education Institute. A series of  seminars and interactive workshops on memory and perception from The Captured Thought.

30th November 2016. Royal Society Anniversary Day.

23rd November 2016. ICE Continued Professional Development Series. Madingley Hall. Cambridge. The Creative Navigator’s Compass: Memory and Perception~ and how we know which way we are facing. 18.30-22.00.

13th November 2016. The Captured Thought for TATE Modern. London. ‘The Tango of Repair’~ a rolling cycle of workshops on the reconstructive nature of memory.

13th November 2016. The Captured Thought for TATE Modern. London. ‘The City as Metaphor’~ an interactive workshop on the reconstructive nature of memory.

10th-11th September 2016. Aotearoa Creative Writing Network Workshop, National Writer’s Forum.  Auckland, New Zealand. The Living Time Machine~ and The  Moustachio Quartet. 

8th September 2016. The Creative Thinking Project. Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategic Engagement), The University of Auckland, New Zealand. An online collection of interviews exploring the process of Creativity.

6th-20th September 2016. The University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington and National Writer’s Forum, New Zealand. ‘The Captured Thought’.

5th September 2016. ‘The Projection of Self in Time~ Memory, Mental Time Travel and The Moustachio Quartet‘. Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

9th August 2016. The Sutton Trust. University of Cambridge. ‘The Nature of Perception’.

11th-19th August 2016. Cambridge International Education and Culture Centre. A programme of lectures and discussions from The Captured Thought. Sidney Sussex College Cambridge.

26th July 2016- 25th August 2016.  The China UK Development Centre. A series of bi-weekly summer seminars on memory and perception from The Captured Thought. Westminster College, Clare Hall College and Sidney Sussex College Cambridge.

17th-22nd July 2016. International  Congress on Memory. Budapest.

7th-8th July 2016. The Human Mind Project. University of Sussex. Emotion Memory and the Mind.

6th July 2016. Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition Soiree.

4th July 2016. Wellcome Collection. ‘Consciousness and the Arts’.

30th June-1st July 2016. Salon North, Harrogate. The Illusory Nature of Memory.

21st June 2016. Clare College and University of Cambridge Psychology Open Day. The Illusion of Perception. 1.30-5.00pm.

13th-15th June 2016. Eastbio DTP Annual Symposium. St. Andrew’s University, Scotland. Perception and Memory~ as experienced within arts/science collaboration. 14th June 2016 13.10-13.50.

25th-27th May 2016. Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, M.R.C, Edinburgh. The Living Time Machine.

11th May 2016. The Dilettante’s Dinner. Clare College Cambridge. Cognition, Memory and Magic. 7.00pm.

4th May 2016.  ENS Colloquium. Departement d’etudes Cognitives Ecole Normale Superieure. Paris Sciences and Arts Research University. Paris. ‘Mental Time Travel and The Moustachio Quartet’.

3rd May 2016. ENS Colloquium. Laboratoire des Systemes Perceptifs. Ecole Normale Superieure. Universite Paris Descartes. Paris. ‘The Illusion of Perception’.

29th April 2016. Zangwill Club Seminars. Dept. of Psychology. University of Cambridge. A lecture by Nick Humphrey.’The Invention of Consciousness’, hosted by The Captured Thought.

25th-28th April 2016.  Plymouth University. Marie Curie ITN. Trans-Disciplinary Research on Cognitive Innovation and Creativity. Mental Time Travel and The Moustachio Quartet.

11th-19th April 2016.  SAGE University of  California, Santa Barbara. U.S.A. ‘Memory and Mental Time Travel’.

18th March 2016. Cambridge Science Festival Event~ for the Cambridge Graduate Orchestra. A pre-concert talk. ‘Thinking without Words~ The Cognition of Beauty’. West Road Concert Hall 7pm.

10th-11th March 2016. The Contemporary Arts Society. An arts event exploring ‘Memories of Wordless Thoughts’. Hosted by Goshka Macuga in her studio in London.

1st March 2016. Whiston Society Lecture. Clare College, University of Cambridge. ‘The Living Time Machine’.

29th February 2016. The Arts Lunch. The Science Museum. London. 1pm.

25th February 2016. Sci-Arts Speakeeze event. ‘Flights of Fancy’. Blue Moon. Cambridge. UK.

11th February 2016. Science Meets the Media. The Royal Society. London. 8-10pm.

9th February 2016. Macfarlane-Grieve Feast. Clare College, Cambridge. 7.15-12.15pm.

3rd February 2016. States of Mind~ Tracing the edges of consciousness. Wellcome Collection. 19.00- 21.30.  183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE

9th-13th December 2015. AISC Genoa, Italy. Language, Cognition and Society. An evening pre-dinner presentation ‘Memory as a Shared Experience’. Their main lecture is the final keynote- entitled ‘The Projection of Self in Time’. 

7th December 2015. 10.30-3.30. Wellcome Collection. Wellcome Collection Sixth Form Symposium; ‘Consciousness and the Arts’. Nicky Clayton, Clive Wilkins  with Prof. Murray Shanahan of Imperial College, London. Nicky and Clive start the day with an introductory keynote- ‘The Illusion of Consciousness’. The day finishes with a talk by Murray on Cognitive Robotics and a round-up by Nicky and Clive.

30th November 2015. The Royal Society Anniversary Day. London.

12th November 2015. ASCUS. ‘Where Science meets the Arts‘. University of Edinburgh.

9th-12th November 2015. Royal Society Discussion Meeting. Royal Society of Edinburgh. The Evolution of Beauty. 

31st October 2015. Cambridge University Festival of Ideas.  La Jetée~ an exploration of Memory~ a discussion with Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins. 5-6.30pm.

30th October 2015. British Library Annual Science Event, London.  Memory, Mental Time Travel and The Moustachio Quartet.

21-28th October 2015. North American East Coast Tour~ Brooklyn College, CUNY, Harvard and Boston University, Workshop on Convergent Minds.

12th October 2015. Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. Where science meets the arts.

22nd-27th September 2015Memory Mechanisms in Man and Machine. Toulouse Lautrec Museum, Albi, France.

1oth September 2015. Polynous.  Junior Parlour. Trinity College. Cambridge University. A Book of Wordless Thoughts.

5th September 2015. ‘Totally Thames’. South Bank, London. Part of the Thames Festival. Science Soap Box~ Memory as a Shared Experience. 2pm-4pm.

25th August 2015. Sutton Trust. Cambridge University. Imagination~ The Door to Imagination.

29th July-2nd August 2015. Workshop for the Self in Time. Research Centre for Neurophilosophy, Ludwig-Maximilans University of Munich.

17th-22nd July 2015. Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives. University of Berne, Centre for Cognition, Learning and Memory, Switzerland.  The Spoon Lecture.

15th-16th July 2015. Oxford Royal Academy Summer Programme. The Living Time Machine Lecture Series.

1st July 2015. Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition Soiree. London.

23rd-31st May 2015. The Hay Festival. Hay-0n -Wye. The Captured Thought~ An Exploratory Analysis of Living Memory integrating Science and the Arts, introducing the newly published ‘Moustachio Quartet’.  25th May 2015. 2.30pm

20th May 2015. Queen Mary, University of London. The Spoon Lecture. 5-6pm.

9th-10th May 2015. Royal Academy of Art and Choreography. Brussels, Belgium. Conversations without Words.

28th March- 6th April 2015. Florida University. U.S.A.  The Captured Thought Lecture Series.

11th March 2015. The Medawar Lecture (LERN), University College, London.  The Evolution of the Living Time Machine. 5.30pm.

9th-17th March 2015. Churchill College. University of Cambridge. Enlightened Perspectives~ an arts installation featuring ‘The Moustachio Quartet’ and the work of The Captured Thought.

9th March 2015. The University of Cambridge and The Cheltenham Science Festival kick-off National Science Week with the Fame Lab. 6.30-10.30pm. Featuring a three-part special act from ‘The Captured Thought’.

8th March 2015. Oxford University. ‘Dancin’ Oxford Festival’. Dance and Academia Project. Q&A Arts/Science Collaboration Talk.

1st March 2015. Radical Anthropology Group, University of London. Mental Time Travel. 6.45-9.00pm.

8th February 2015. BBC Radio Three 12.00 noon. Private Passions. Michael Berkley interviews Prof. Nicky Clayton.

28th January 2015. Pembroke College. University of Cambridge. Stokes Society. 7.00-11.00pm. Thinking beyond Words.

21st January 2015. Churchill College. Cambridge University. 6pm.  The Living Time Machine.

17th December 2014. Sheffield University. 1pm-3pm. The Spoon Lecture~ Relativity and Anchors in Time.

10th December 2014. University of the Third Age. 2.15-3.30pm. Memory as the Mirror for Tomorrow.

17th November 2014. CSAR Churchill College. 6pm for 7.30pm. The Living Time Machine.

12th October 2014. St. Hughes College. Oxford. A discussion of Arts/Science Collaborations.

1st October 2014. The Science Museum. London. Dana Centre. + Imperial College. London. The Nature of Time.

30th July~ 2nd August 2014. University of Tuebingen. Germany. Summer School. Memory and Consciousness: Plasticity, Brain Rhythms and Sleep.

15th July 2014. Sutton Trust. Psychology Summer School. Perspective Taking. 11.00-12.30. Memory as the Mirror for Tomorrow~ The Projection of the Self in Time.

2nd July 2014. Royal Society Summer Soiree.

28th June 2014. Clare College Gala Day. Cambridge University. 2.30pm. Imagination~ the Door to Identity.

17th-19th June 2014. Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies. Denmark. Comparative Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory.

30th April 2014. Pembroke College. Cambridge University. The Captured Thought.

24th-27th April 2014. Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. Lisbon, Portugal. Imagination~ The Door to Identity. [12 noon, 24th April].  The Art of Conversation without Words. [3.00-4.30pm, 26th April].  The Captured Thought. [9.20-10.30pm, 26th April].

15th March 2014. Cambridge Science Festival. The Captured Thought.

14th March 2014. Science Society Cambridge. (Scisoc). Cambridge University. Captured Thoughts. 7.00pm.

19th February 2014. Oxford University Scientific Society. Imagination~ The Door to Identity.

21st January 2014. Institute of Continuing Education. Cambridge University. Imagination~ The Door to Identity.

13th December 2013. Rambert. Open House. Science Symposium.  Thinking Moves.  2.30-4.00pm.

29th November 2013. The Royal Society Anniversary Day. The Royal Society. London.

16th October 2013. York University. Perspective Taking. 12.00pm

28th September 2013. Cambridge University Alumni. Global Cambridge~ At Home Alumni Festival. The Captured Thought.

18th September 2013. Hubris Conference. Cambridge University. Judge Business School. The Fish out of Water.

16th-17th September 2013. The Hodgkin and Huxley Symposium. West Road Music Rooms and Trinity College. 6.30-6.45pm

22nd-26th July 2013. Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge. Science  Summer School. The Captured Thought. 11.00-12.30pm each day.

18th July 2013. Wellcome Trust~ Biology of Social Cognition. Wellcome Trust Conference Centre. Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. Hinxton, Cambridge UK.  The Creative Navigator’s Compass. 11.15-13.00.

19th July 2013. Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge. Science  Summer School. Science Plenary. 09.15-10.30 am. The Creative Navigators Compass.

16th July 2013. Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge. Science  Summer School. Non Science Plenary. 10.30-11.30 am. Lady Mitchell Hall. Imagination~The Door to Identity.

12th June 2013. The Sackler Lecture. Mental Time Travel. 6.30pm. Cardiff University.

8th-9th June 2013. Cheltenham Science Festival.  Lecture Demonstration. 4.45-6.00pm. Thinking without Words ~followed by Tango Workshop 6.00-7-00pm.

2nd June 2013. Hawkwood near Stroud.  ‘Process and Pilgrimage’. The Creative Navigators Compass.

1st June 2013. TEDx Oxbridge. ‘Timeless Ideas’. Nelson Mandela Theatre. University of Oxford.

29th May 2013. BBC ‘Springwatch’~Unsprung. Live. Conversation without Words.

9th May 2013. Department of Theatre and Performance. Goldsmiths College, University of London. 6pm. Small Cinema, Richard Hogard Building. Imagination~ The Door to Identity. 

17th April 2013. Dartington Arts & Schumacher College. Lecture Demonstration. The Art of Conversation Without Words. 8pm on the 17th April 2013.

8th April 2013. What Art Can Do For Neuroscience at the BNA Festival of Neuroscience, Barbican, London.

23rd March 2013. Downing College, University of Cambridge. Catalysis Conference. 4.30pm-5.30pm.  The Creative Navigator’s Compass.

16th March 2013. Cambridge Science Festival.  The Science of Your Mind. Imagination~ the Door to Identity. The Anatomy Lecture Theatre.

12th-16th February 2013. University of Wyoming. Floyd Clarke Speaker Series. The Captured Thought.

15th December 2012. The Center for Cognition, Kinesthetics and Performance The University of Kent. Imagination~The Door to Identity.

20th November 2012. Royal Society. Science and Innovation Debate.

13th November 2012. Norah Boyce Science Lecture, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.

29th October 2012. Guardian Podcast. Science Weekly podcast: David Attenborough’s 60 years bringing nature into our living rooms

26th October 2012. Royal Institution Discourse. London. Imagination~The Door to Identity.

12th October 2012. Neuroscience and the Arts. Clare College, University of Cambridge. Imagination~The Door to Identity.