14th March 2014. Cambridge University, Science Society. 7pm.



Captured Thoughts.

A discussion of how a scientist and an artist build a collaboration that explores and develops the subjective experience of thinking… and why we spend so much of our time engaged in mental time travel, in transit between our memories of what once was and our anticipation of what may be coming next. In a world of travel, the vast distances we navigate internally often go completely unnoticed.

Prof. Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins in open conversation discuss wide ranging aspects of this creative process and how it pertains to both the arts and sciences.

Whenever we revisit a memory, we don’t simply replay it, but recreate it, embellish it, adapt it. We create multiple versions of our memories, they shift and shimmer within the miasma of our being; often causing us to question the very nature of the realities we discover and choose to see before us. Are any of these memories an accurate record, and if so of what?

Might this be the crucial event in our imaginations, which is the cause of our creativity?

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