‘The Creative Thinking Project’, based in New Zealand~ with scientist Prof. Nicky Clayton and artist Clive Wilkins of ‘The Captured Thought’



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MEMORY AND MENTAL TIME TRAVEL. Clive Wilkins in conversation~ as told by THE MOUSTACHIO QUARTET

hay-festival-logo.jpgMemory and mental time travel

visit  https://www.hayfestival.com/news/blog.aspx?post=483 to read the review, or below.

Hay Festival is an iconic summer event in the UK, and the University of Cambridge’s tenth anniversary association with the festival. This year I am here with Clive Wilkins to discuss The Moustachio Quartet, which explores memory and perspective-taking. He is artist-in-residence in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, a unique position established for Clive and held for the past six years.

Clive integrates and interweaves disparate sources of knowledge to examine the manner in which we reflect upon our memories and plan for the future. The novels are very visual, as befitting a writer who began life as a fine artist; essentially Wilkins paints with words in a way that creates a screenplay that runs through the mind. The way in which the books are structured cleverly engages the reader in the act of mental time travel; the reader becomes as an active protagonist in the action, the fifth key character in the quartet and the adjudicator of the story. Clearly he understands the psychology and phenomenology of mental time travel. The novels inspect the world imaginatively; insistent to see what might lie beyond the shackles of conventional thinking. It’s a remarkable piece of eloquent scholarship.

During the question and answer session, members of the audience admitted to being spell bound by the demonstration of stage magic, which showed how perception and memory can be altered in the moment, and how such effects can be so visual and emotional. The audience were intrigued by the idea that The Moustachio Quartet might be capable of playing with peoples’ responses in a similar way, and that the psychological effects described throughout the series could be enacted in the real world.

Nicky Clayton is Professor of Comparative Cognition in the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge. Listen to her Hay Festival 2018 talk with Clive Wilkins over on Hay Player now.
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15 top thinkers on innovations that will most change our lives by 2050. Ahead of Hay Festival 2018, WIRED magazine asked writers, including Clive Wilkins and Nicky Clayton of The Captured Thought to paint their vision of the world in 30 years’ time.

wired-magazine-logo.pngThirty years ago, Stephen Hawking published A Brief History of Time, Steve Jobs unveiled the NeXT Computer, and Die Hard hit cinemas for the first time. The World Wide Web had not yet been invented.

A lot can change in a few short decades, whether guided by advances in science and technology or by changing ideas and politics. Ahead of the 2018 Hay Festival, WIRED asked 15 leading writers and thinkers to answer one question: Which innovation will most change the way we live by 2050?

Their responses – which range from driverless cars to neural implants, plus a rather unexpected bet on the return of snail mail can be seen at:


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The Captured Thought~ Seven myths of memory

7 myths of memory 1.jpg7 myths of memory 2.jpg7 myths of memory 3.jpg7 myths of memory 4.jpg7 myths of memory 5.jpg7 myths of memory 6.jpg7 myths of memory 7a.jpg

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The author Clive Wilkins and Prof. Nicky Clayton FRS at the Hay Festival 2018

HayFestival2018-Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton.jpgThe Captured Thought at the Hay Festival 2018. Official Photo. (HayFestival2018-5865.jpeg Paul Musso)

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Hay on the Day. Clive Wilkins talks to Nicky Clayton. Cambridge Series 10: The Moustachio Quartet~ An Exploration of Memory

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton.jpgIn the green room relaxing after the event

Clive Wilkins.jpgClive reading an extract from his newly published novel Eissenstrom

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton at Hay Festival b.jpgIn the Hay Festival Bookshop

Clive Wilkins Magician.jpgBack in the green room~ demonstrating aspects of mental time travel



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Clive Wilkins talks to Nicky Clayton at the Hay Festival

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton at Hay Festival6.jpg

The Brochure 2018

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton at Hay Festival7.jpg

The Talk details

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton at Hay Festival.jpg

Nicky and Clive in the Green room before their talk

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton at Hay Festival3.jpg

Nicky in conversation with Paul Greatbatch at the British Council Party

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton at Hay Festival4.jpg

Paul Greatbatch and Clive in the Richard Booth bookstore

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