SCI~SOC. Cambridge Science Society

Nicky Clayton [Prof. of Comparative Cognition] and Clive Wilkins [Artist in Residence] in the Dept. of Psychology, University of Cambridge are talking on 14th March 2014. 7.00-8.15pm.

Captured Thoughts: The Collaborations of an Artist and a Scientist.

Dept. of Pharmacology Lecture Theatre, Tennis Court Road.


The opportunity for an artist to collaborate uniquely with a scientist arose out of a chance encounter on one of life’s dancefloors. A tango dance floor in fact. How often life seems to operate on the level of serendipity. Quickly two accomplished individuals set to work to compare notes on their professional experiences of the esoteric world’s they inhabited – they soon came to the realisation that despite their apparent differences they were uniquely describing the same world, but from very specialist and different viewpoints. Perspectives which illuminated fascinating details both had perhaps missed or not fully taken account of in their individual schemes. It was this opportunity to question and compare the world from differing perspectives that has led to the development of a method of working and thinking that could be used to explore the arts and sciences in new ways. Some of the resulting thinking is interesting and maybe groundbreaking. The resultant attitude is either new or a reinvention of something many of us may have forgotten.


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