Making Memories~ Capturing Thoughts

cropped-img_4433.jpgWe are starting a little experiment, over the course of the next few lectures we are going to invite the audience to participate in the moment. We would love  you to send us your non-verbal markers of mental time travel~ by taking photographs, making images or collecting mementos of the event and sending them to us.

During the course of these lectures


Please send a copy of your favourite photograph or image, with your name to

 We will use the best images on our blog site

~and credit you with your contribution

 Many thanks for making the moment memorable

 Best wishes Nicky & Clive

T H E   C A P T U R E D   T H O U G H T

Clive Wilkins. Artist in Residence. Dept. of Psychology. University of Cambridge.

Downing Street. Cambridge. CB2 3EB


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Artist & Writer
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