Floridean Personalities

A brief list of many~ but not all~ of the dignitaries we met met during our week in Florida University.

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

Nicky Clayton~ Clive Wilkins~ Bob Holt, Professor of Ecology and Evolution, University of Florida- and organiser of The Captured Thoughts visit to Florida University.

Nicky Clayton Clive WilkinsDarragh Devine, Professor of Psychology~ Nita Little, Professor of Dance~ Bob and Lynne Holt~ Clive Wilkins.

Nicky Clayton Clive WilkinsKerry Oliver-Smith, Curator of the Harn Museum~ Clive Wilkins and Bob Holt.


Kerry Oliver-Smith of the Harn Museum, University of Florida, Gainsville.

Nicky Clayton Clive WilkinsJill Sonke who works in the University Hospital on the Dance for Life programme is instrumental in coordinating the visual arts displays throughout the the facility.

Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Amy Freeman, Professor in the Faculty of Painting and Drawing University of Florida with Clive after ‘The Artist’s Life’ lecture.

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

The Harn Museum lecture in full swing on the last day.

Bob Holt

Bob Holt was chair for the after lecture discussion which took place after the Harn Museum presentation.

Joan Frosch

Joan Frosch, Professor in the Department of Theatre & Dance, and Co-Director of the Center for World Arts spoke eloquently about the key points contained in the lecture and elaborated on specific issues of particular interest.

Nita Little

Nita Little gave a glowing response in her address and discussed the tenets of dance contact improvisation.

Nita Little

A lively debate took place after the Harn Museum lecture. Andrea Pham, Associate Professor of Vietnamese Language and Linguistics, who also earlier gave a fascinating response to the lecture, responds to an interesting question from the floor.

IMG_5308Eric Segal of the Harn Museum Education Dept. and Steve Littler, DJ and Tangero from Gainsville Tango group set up for the milonga which followed the Harn Museum lecture.

The major artwork on the museum wall in the background is by, the much feted artist, Frank Stella. What a venue for a milonga!

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

Nicky Clayton Clive WilkinsArticle taken from ‘The Alligator’ newspaper written by Melissa Gomez.

~with special thanks to many others~ we were unfortunately not quick enough to get all the photographs we might like to display.

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