What’s in a ‘Captured Thought’ Lecture?

We have received much feedback from our recent lecture series. The work centres on an exploration of memory and our ability as a species to travel forward and backwards mentally in time~ giving rise to questions that raise an awareness of other features directly relevant to cognition, in its wider sense. The underlying principles and ideas inherent in psychology, neuroscience, the arts~ including dance and literature~ drive our inquiry.

The Captured Thought as a process is an arts/science collaboration. During our time at Florida University a surprising number of people commented on our ability to draw audiences from a wide cross section of faculties. The nature of a true collaboration should indeed allow for this. Furthermore, a number of delegates commented, as if surprised, to say something along the lines of.

‘Normally I go to a lecture to find out what the lecturers think. Attending your lectures has left me wondering what it is, and how it is, that I think. I will be musing on the events and ideas you describe for days, maybe months to come!’

Another comment, which made us laugh, was…

‘You kept me awake right to the every end of your presentation, that’s an increasingly hard think for anyone to do these days.’

Clive Wilkins Prof. Nicky Clayton

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