The FOUR M Project CONFERENCE. Memory Mechanisms in Man and Machine. 22nd~27th September 2015

The conference was organised by Simon Thorpe, University of Toulouse, and a superb supportive team, including the incomparable Karine Bouyer. The event featured an array of glittering and talented scientists from all over the planet, brought together to address questions related to memory and the brain. Round table discussions and brainstorming were as important as the innovative material imparted in the cutting edge lectures. The glorious setting of Albi, France and the excursions into the surrounding bucolic countryside aided the scintillating debate and discussion. Much of real consequence was achieved~ plus many relevant drivers for significant further thought on issues relating to perception and memory. This was a good one~ without the shadow of a doubt in any grey cells.Simon ThorpeIMG_7806



IMG_7796 IMG_7798 IMG_7799IMG_7830Simon Thorpe

IMG_7890IMG_7908 IMG_7939 IMG_7952 IMG_7937IMG_7825 IMG_7824IMG_7825

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