The Captured Thought~ North American Tour to New York and Boston~ including Convergent Minds Conference.


The tour, in addition to attending and delivering a lecture to the Convergent Minds Conference in Boston, was an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues. We began in New York where we met Prof. Robert Lurtz, of NYU; Mike Ruane, CEO of Revelation Software; the journalist Michael Balter; and Prof. Denis Peli, of NYU.

Nicky Clayton IMG_8315 IMG_8350


After this we moved out to Boston  where we presented our work to the Convergent Minds conference~ there was time and opportunity during our stay to hang out with notable Harvard Professors and luminaries of cognition and memory~ most notably the scintillating Dan Gilbert and his wife Marilynn, and the amazing Dan Schacter.

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton Dan Gilbert  Dan Gilbert and Marilynn  Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton Dan Schacter

There were many highlights during our visit~ not least of which were the great cities.



Clive WilkinsIMG_8362

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