IMG_8951IMG_8939IMG_8953IMG_8960IMG_8958IMG_8956Nicky Clayton

Prof. Nicky Clayton passing the time of day with Sir David Attenborough during the conference.

Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Above. Speakers dinner at The Royal Society of Edinburgh.  Below. Post dinner fun~ Susan Attenborough, Sir David, Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins relax after a successful day.David Attenborough Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Roger Penrose Clive Wilkins

Above. Clive Wilkins with Sir Roger Penrose, Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher~ University of Oxford. Below. During the course of the conference Nicky and Clive were  filmed and interviewed for Whizzaquiz, a schools televised broadcast in which bright young minds are given the opportunity to pose questions about the speakers and their work.

Nicky Clayton Clive WilkinsNicky Clayton Clive Wilkins


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2 Responses to THE ROYAL SOCIETY of EDINBURGH~ The Science of Beauty

  1. artiscience says:

    Personally I am delighted that you managed to document this event so well and thorughly in this way. And that you should have keyworded myself and James Howie. I can use this to very good purposes. So, thank you very much. And greetings.

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