The Captured Thought at TATE MODERN~ 13th November 2016~ 2-6pm


The Captured Thought presents a series of workshops that explore fundamental features of memory and what they reveal about patterns for thinking.

Workshop 1 and 2. The Tango of Repair. Memories are revisited- their flavour reignited to become the next living moment. You are invited to explore aspects of cognition in a colourful presentation in which Tango is the central element- become a dancer for an afternoon and explore the transformative nature of memory. We live in a changed world- what once was progress has become the dream of repair.


Workshop 3. The City as Metaphor. Where we live is how we live- as exemplified by the topography of our surroundings and the inner workings of our mental processes. Using Berlin as a marker, and a group activity in which you will produce a life sized sculpture of the human form, we explore renewal, regeneration and the act of repair. Join us to investigate the devices used to capture thoughts- the methods by which we preserve the past and anticipate our future.



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