Cambridge Centre for the Integration of Science, Technology and Culture

The Cambridge Centre for the Integration of Science, Technology and Culture (CCISTC), establishes interdisciplinary research projects across a variety of platforms and organises conferences, seminars and programmes designed to bring people from distinct and disparate disciplines together. In light of the current trend towards globalisation, the aim is to promote discussion and collaboration among academics, students, and international partners (eg. policy makers, higher education institutions, societies, association, etc.) across the globe.

Prof. Nicola Clayton, of The Captured Thought, Fellow of Royal Society and Professor of Comparative Cognition in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, is the Founding Director of CCISTC, in consultation with the Co-Directors Prof. Clive Wilkins, also of The Captured Thought, and Artist in Residence in the Department of Psychology, and Dr. Ruigang Michael Zhou, the President of UK Branch at the China UK Development Council.

To find out more about this exciting new initiative, visit

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