International press coverage of ‘Exploring the perceptual inabilities of Eurasian jays (Garrulus glandarius) using magic effects’ ~ a collaborative paper published in PNAS by Elias Garcia-Pelegrin, Alexandra K. Schnell, Prof. Clive Wilkins, and Prof. Nicola S. Clayton FRS

New York Times by Veronique Greenwood

Magic tricks may fool you, but these birds can see through them

The Science Times by Marie Morales

Magic tricks don’t work for all birds; at least not with Eurasian jays

Le Monde by Nathaniel Herzberg

Le geai des chênes pas dupe des tours de passe-passe desprestidigitateurs

The Conversation by Elias Garcia-Pelegrin

We performed magic tricks on birds to see how they perceive the world

IFL Science by Stephen Luntz

Can you beat a bird at spotting a magic trick? by Bob Yirka

Eurasian jays less likely than people to be deceived by magic tricks

Ars Technica by John Timmer

Researchers perform magic tricks for birds, who are not amused

Daily Mail by Jonathan Chadwick

Not so bird brained after all! Avians are less easily fooled by sleight-of-hand magic tricks than humans, study shows

Happy Mag by John-Alexander Matsos

Turns out birds are better at solving magic tricks than humans


Birds master magic better than humans


Birds master magic tricks better than humans

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