The NEW SCIENTIST Christmas Edition.

This year’s December edition will include a feature article describing recent published work undertaken by Professor Nicky Clayton’s lab and lead author Eli Garcia-Pelegrin. The research explores how corvids respond to magic effects. The article is supported by a short online film documentary of the scientific findings.

Professor Nicky Clayton FRS presenting to camera.
Eli Garcia Pelegrin, lead author photographed by David Stock of the New Scientist.
David Stock, Emily Bates and Sam Wong of the NEW SCIENTIST pictured in the library of the University of Cambridge, Madingley site.
The team for the day. From left to right. Professor Clive Wilkins, David Stock, New Scientist, (Director of photography), Eli Garcia Pelegrin (lead author), Emily Baker, New Scientist, (Production director), Sam Wong, New Scientist, (Reporter and journalist) Professor Nicky Clayton (Lab director and supervisor).

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