Coming Events

~W H A T ‘S  O N: 

10th January-20th February 2020. China UK Development Centre and Maxer Educational Institute. Winter Programme. (Various dates; timetable to be announced)

9th March 2020.  Institute of Continuing Education. Madingley, Cambridgeshire. Cognitive Psychology. Memory Language and Perception.

14th March 2020. Cambridge Science Festival. Nicky and Clive Live~ What we learn by integrating art, science and the performing arts. An impromptu, interactive talk with questions from the audience.

June 2020. The Royal Society in conjunction with Israel Academy of Sciences. Memory and Perception. Tel Aviv, Israel.  (Date and times to be announced).

Spring/Summer 2020. Department of Comparative Biocognition. Institute of Cognitive Science.  University of Osnabrück, Germany. Listening for Leaders and Followers.

27th June 2020. The Psychology of Magic. Clare College Gala Day, Cambridge.U.K.

7th-12th September 2020.  China Tour. Memory, Movement & Magic.

3rd December 2020. Litchfield Science and Engineering Society. The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions~ Why the Mind is Tricked. 20.00. Garrick Theatre, Litchfield.



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