Coming Events

~W H A T ‘S  O N:


31st August- 1st September 2017. The Science of Magic. Goldsmiths College, London.

20th-23rd September 2017. The Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy. ACAT-ICATA International Conference, Nottingham, England. Keynote address from The Captured Thought. Reformulation and Memory~ The stories we tell in reconstructing the past.

17th October 2017.  Centre for Music and Science. University of Cambridge. The Seven Myths of Memory.

11th November 2017. The Myths and Mechanics of Memory. Institute of Continuing Education. Madingley, Cambridgeshire. A one day workshop.

30th November 2017. Royal Society Anniversary Day.

12th December 2017. London Mathematical Laboratory in conjunction with The Barbican. Science on Screen. Memories are made for the Future. To include a screening of Chris Marker’s ‘La Jetée’ and Jean Cocteau’s ‘The Blood of a Poet’.

10th February 2018. Magdalene College Festival, Cambridge: Science and Changes.

T.B.C.  Easter 2018.  The Captured Thought travels to the Orient. For the China UK Development Centre. Nanjing and Shanghai Universities, China.

2nd December 2019. Max Planck Institute. Munich Neuroscience Lecture Series.



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